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God created males and females with different physical and emotional qualities besides differing yet complementary roles and functions in life. Sexual union, when two people

Do not misuse this gift of God

‘become one flesh’, was an integral part of His plan for strengthening the marriage bond as well as having children (Gen 1:27,28,  2:24, 3:16; Mt 19:5,6). When a couple enter into sex it is more than just a physical act, a bonding or soul-tie relationship is formed; therefore its proper practice is reserved for the marriage relationship only. Marriage should be held in high respect, and kept pure for God will judge all those who are immoral (Prov 18:22; 1 Cor 6:13; Heb 13:4).  God does not condone casual sexual alliances entered into with anyone or everyone.

Sexual intercourse between a married couple should take place regularly for mutual enjoyment, to satisfy in-built God-given desires and strengthen them both against outside temptation, besides the procreation of children. This loving act between married partners must still operate within wholesome guidelines and what goes on in the privacy of the bedroom is special to the husband and wife and should not be shared with others in any form.

Marrying does not solve the problem of unrestrained sexual desires. ‘Making love’ is actually only a small segment of life, but tenderness, companionship, satisfaction and love should continually characterize the marriage relationship. Keep the fires of romance burning with spontaneous non-sexual affection. A husband is to be faithful to his wife, letting her love alone be his delight (Prov 5:15-23).

Loving God should always be our highest priority in life and throughout the process of clarifying who will be our future life partner, the emphasis should be on discovering the character of the other person through the uniting of spirits and souls, without “even a hint of sexual immorality” and only finally, after marriage, the consummation in the physical realm (Eph 5:3).  Sexual purity (both male and female virginity), as the outcome of abstinence, is one of the greatest virtues you can bring into a marriage. For those unmarried, now is the time to developed respect and responsibility for others, besides keeping an unrelenting control on the input that is fed into the mind. Both single and married people should keep their passions under control.  The area of sexual promiscuity and undisciplined thoughts are a major cause of people sinning.

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