Living a fulfilled life

As we will all be judged by the truth (as spoken by Jesus, along with the principles of God as contained in the Bible), it is sound reasoning to search for and try to live by that truth, walking in the way that is pleasing to God  – John 12:48.

1/. This unashamedly evangelical and conservative resource is committed to faithfully giving a clear, unmistakable, Bible-based understanding of contemporary terminology, Christian vocabulary and beliefs.

2/. It is of utmost importance not to just know the Bible facts so challenges are often presented about putting our learning into action to live out the information gained  – it’s the application that proves the worth of the facts.

While there are differing theological views within the Christian faith the compliers have endeavoured to remain faithful to what the Bible teaches, drawing from a wide cross section of sources. Our prayer is that all who access this resource will grow in their relationship with Christ for “this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent”. While living by godly principles is desirable, being connected to the life source is the vital foundation for spiritual health  – John 17:3.

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