This is the abusive control of people, using others for personal benefit, with little regard for their rights or feelings and is in contrast to voluntary submission and obeying orders from legitimate authorities.  Laban did this several times to Jacob who was working for

Only God is to be our master

him (Gen 31:7,41). Samson, although physically strong was taken advantage of by the emotional nagging tactics of his wives (Jdg 14:16,17, 16:15,16). We should have clear boundaries so we don't empower others to take control over us.

Manipulation is the misuse of power, motivated by selfishness, taking away another’s power of choice. It is getting people into a corner and exploiting them through intimidation, physical or mental abuse. Paul wrote that in the last days ungodly men will "worm their way...and gain control over weak-willed women" (2 Tim 3:1,6). Countless females have been taken advantage of by men with less than honourable desires.

True love doesn’t bribe, manipulate or use black mail, to get its desires fulfilled. 

Within the church the phrase, ‘The Lord has told me...’ is a powerful manipulative tactic to stop dialogue and influence acceptance of the perpetuator’s ideas. Emotional pressure is often applied by cult leaders to get their adherents to conform.  Manipulation is the exercising of power over others beyond what is appropriate; when taken to the extreme, it is witchcraft.

See also: abuse, boundaries, bribe, control, force, intimidate, Laban, nagging, peer pressure, pressure, selfishness, super-spiritual.