Force, which can take many forms from subtle peer pressure to the direct threat of physical abuse and violence, infers control, manipulation, coercion and pressure, which produce ill feeling and resistance in those to whom it is directed because of disempowerment.

God does not force people to acknowledge His Lordship as He wants willing and devoted followers. He invites us to become His children and gives the opportunity to voluntarily follow Him and determine the level of our devotion primarily through our love for Him and

A person pressured against their will                          is of the same opinion still

obedience to His directives (Isa 1:18; Mt 16:24; Mk 12:30; Jn 1:12, 3:16, 14:15; 2 Cor 5:15; Rev 3:20). However there is coming a time when everyone, including the unsaved, will bow the knee and recognise His authority and justice as they accept their sentence for the life they have lived (Isa 45:23,24; Rom 14:11; Phil 2:10). Unfortunately, many people will go to a Christ-less eternity because they refused to accept His offer of salvation and obey Him.

Although David knew he was destined to be king he didn’t push his case and when presented with opportunities to kill Saul, who was standing in the way, he did not usurp his position by acting in arrogant impatience (1 Sam 16:13, 23:17, 24:10,20, 26:9-11). Let God bring to pass what He has planned for you in His time. Meanwhile concentrate your efforts in the preparation of character, training and devotion to Him. This period of grounding is the foundation that is required to equip you for future ministry, for authority and strength should be under control or else it can result in your downfall.

The teaching of Jesus was, if a Roman soldier ordered a civilian to carry their gear for a mile, go twice the distance (Mt 5:41)! Instead of resentment for the imposition of doing the required order, Jesus was saying ‘willingly give up your rights and break their power over you by willingly doing more than required’. This is exactly what He did in order to release us from Satan’s power.

Our struggles in this life are against all the evil spiritual forces that oppose us because we are God’s children (Eph 6:12). Do not submit to or allow yourself to be taken captive and dominated by what is not of God (Col 2:8,20). Peer pressure is a powerful force that the enemy uses to manipulate and hold vulnerable people under his control.

See also: abuse, compelled, control, freewill, manipulation, power, peer pressure, pressure, salvation.

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