Something secretly offered in order to influence, manipulate or persuade another person to act dishonestly in favour of the giver (Prov 17:8,23). God will not be bribed nor does He bribe anyone (2 Chr 19:7; Prov 21:27). He has

Dishonesty never pays in the long-term

no need for us to give Him preferential treatment. He states clearly what the options are, leaving the choice up to us. Rewards and incentives, along with gifts freely given without conditions are not bribes, as they motivate and encourage good behaviour.

Business transactions should be fair, just, and above reproach at all times without hidden benefits, manipulation, blackmail or private deals. A righteous person rejects bribes (Isa 33:15). Bribery is dishonest, perverts justice, truth and good judgment, destroying society so don’t be tempted to act in this foolish way (Ex 23:2,8; Prov 29:4; Eccl 7:7).

A bribe of money was given to the soldiers to falsify the truth when Jesus body could not be found (Mt 28:11-15). Several other examples of bribes being made are found in the Bible. Delilah to entrap Samson; Samuel's sons disrespecting their office; Harman's attempt to destroy the Jews; Felix leaving Paul in prison hoping for a bribe (Jdg 16:5; 1 Sam 8:3; Est 3:9; Act 24:26). 

See also: fairness, favoritism, honesty, integrity, manipulation, reward.