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“Will not the judge of the world do right, for all His ways are just (Gen 18:25; Deut 32:4).  He doesn’t want anyone to perish in hell, but everyone come to repentance and live in heaven (2 Pet 3:9). The offer of salvation is all-inclusive – “whoever believes in Him…” but also exclusive – “whoever does not believe…” (Jn 3:16,18). Whether a person is doomed to a lost eternity or enjoys the magnificence of heaven is dependent on their personal choice. Likewise, the blessings and promises of God are equally available to all – yet dependent on the individual obeying His directives (Deut 28:1,2,15).

He will judge the world in righteousness and fairness with complete impartiality (Ps 9:8; Isa 11:3-5).

The Lord hates dishonest scales, yet delights in accuracy, wanting us to
be honest, truthful and fair in our relationships and business dealings

Fairness is treating everyone the same

(Prov 11:1, 16:11).  Jesus said, “Do to others what you would like done to you in return” (Mt 7:12).  Respect other people; don’t take advantage of their naivety or lack of experience. “In the same measure you give, you will receive back” reaping as we have sown (Mt 7:2; Gal 6:7,8).  We are not to show favouritism or accept bribes, instead treat and respect people equally, regardless of their social or economic status, gender or beliefs (Ex 23:3,8; Jas 2:1-9).

When you think God or life in general is unfair towards you don’t become bitter, rather use these experiences as bricks of life to build a structure of character, worth and honour to Jesus. Have you considered those in war-ravaged countries, those without sufficient food, adequate shelter, medical attention and other necessities of life? It is the responsibility of those with a surplus to share (Prov 3:27; 2 Cor 8:14; 1 Tim 6:17-19). We live in an imperfect world, with many injustices; be thankful to God for what you have, especially eternal salvation.

Jesus committed Himself to the one who always and in every situation judges fairly (1 Pet 2:23). Aren’t you glad you have the same loving heavenly Father.

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