It is pre-judging a person or situation before we are aware of the relevant facts. Prejudice, therefore, is a biased opinion – our thinking is warped, blinding us to be truth, preventing us from showing love and concern towards another about something they probably did not cause, are unable to change and should not be shunned for. Most often prejudice as a negative opinion comes from pride and can lead to resentment, critical speech and ungracious actions affecting interpersonal relationships. It is not logical or responsible, being purely emotional and not based on fact, making people impervious to the truth of the gospel and so spiritually blind and dead. As this biased opinion does not reflect the reality of the matter, confront and counteract the prejudice with the truth.

Jesus, although subject to prejudice, mixed with the outcasts of society, showing love as well as healing all who were sick, and He continues to accept everyone who comes to Him in repentance (Mk 6:3; Jn 1:46, 6:37). He sought to overcome the strong Jewish prejudices against the Samaritans by His considerate actions and elevating them up the social ladder (Lk 9:51-56, 10:30-37; Jn 4:4-42).

What is my attitude to those of different nations and cultures?  Am I prejudiced about them because of their race, forming incorrect opinions from the misconstrued views of others, and erecting unseen barriers in any dealings and relationships by speaking from the world’s viewpoint (1 Jn 4:5)? All people groups have certain characteristic traits but

Look beyond the exterior to the real person who needs Jesus

God loves all of us, so don’t be quick to label people, dismissing, dishonouring and mentally destroying them. Each person is unique and made in His image just as you are, and generalities are often completely ill-founded. We are to respect each other even if we do not necessarily agree with their views or customs.

As Christians we are united in Christ and equal in His sight, regardless of race, social standing, gender or any other category whereby we classify others (Gal 3:28). The Bible warns about showing favouritism, instead it tells us to have an impartial viewpoint and show love to all (Mt 25:40-45; Act 10:28; Jas 2:1-13). Aren’t you glad God doesn't have any racial prejudices or preferences (Act 10:34,35, 15:5-9)?

See also: anti-Semitism, discrimination, favouritism, opinion, race/racism.