<<hatred of the Jews>>

This loathing of the Jews is because their leaders handed Christ over to the Roman authorities, which resulted in His crucifixion. This extreme dislike directed at the Jews is shown by wrong attitudes, words and actions. Unfortunately, throughout Church history there has been evidence of anti-Semitism, which contradicts what the scriptures teach, which is love for all people. We have so much to be thankful to the Jews for – Jesus Himself was born of a Jew. Yes, the Jews arranged His death with the Romans who actually killed Him but if Christ had not died for our sins, there would be no opportunity for us to be saved. God declared, “He who curses Abraham and his family would incur a curse upon themselves…As you have done to Israel it will be done to you” (Gen 12:3; Ob 1:15). As believers we are to pray for and bless the Jewish people (Ps 122:6).

The Jews are also hated because they declare they are the 'chosen ones of God', and from them is traced the human ancestry of Christ (Mt 1:1-16; Lk 3:23-38; Rom 9:3-5). God used the Jews as His chosen people to bring forth His Word and morality to a sinful world (Deut 14:2). The world hates the Jews because the world hates God.

Secular anti-Semitism also occurs because of the perceived success of Jews. The German Holocaust is but one example of this racial prejudice.

What is my attitude toward the Jews?

The Arab world also aims to see the Jews annihilated and their land confiscated.

Every effort to wipe out the Jews has failed for God has not finished with them. Nothing can thwart God's plans for the Jewish people who the Bible says, "will all be saved" and this cannot eventuate if Israel no longer exists" (Rom 11:26).

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