<<inactivity, laziness>>

The book of Proverbs suggests to the lazy person that they should ‘consider the ant’ that is continuously busy meeting the needs of the ant colony (Prov 6:6-8). The character of the diligent wife is also portrayed as being occupied with the affairs of her home and family. She anticipated the future and was industrious in planning and preparing for its demands (Prov 31:27). By diligently attending to her responsibilities, she lived a rewarding and fulfilled life.

Each day has 24 hours – it is up to us how we spend them. An idle person lets opportunities pass them by, too lazy and undisciplined to apply themselves to work for the results they desire, instead “sleeping during harvest” (Prov 6:9, 10:4,5, 13:4). Make the most of the opportunities you

 We will account to God for what we have, and what we haven’t done

are given to grow, learn, serve and to be productive. Don’t waste your time in unprofitable pastimes frittering away your life or you will live to regret that you didn’t apply yourself to the challenges and tasks when they presented themselves.

Besides wholesome hobbies and regular exercise, be motivated to achieve worthwhile goals, aware that sustained effort is required to accomplish anything of lasting significance. If we don’t sow, we can’t expect to reap, and situations deteriorate through lack of attention or applied effort (Prov 20:4; Eccl 10:18). While there is a valid time to rest, if ‘taking it easy’ becomes a lifestyle this is wrong as it is not being actively involved in God’s Kingdom by seizing opportunities to advance His rule on earth or being  unaware of the needs of others because of self-centeredness. Voluntary good works are to be a valid expression of our Christianity, besides being in paid employment.

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