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Regular physical exercise is essential for living a healthy life to keep excess weight off, increase blood circulation that aids the elimination of waste material from the body,

Do I exercise or just think about it?

reduce fatigue and prevent many ailments. Living an active lifestyle makes one energetic, youthful and fun to be around as vitality and endurance are increased while tension is reduced. Discipline is needed to maintain an effective program, yet have a balanced approach to fitness, so it doesn’t become an idol.

Without good health, it is impossible to achieve all the Lord has for you, or enjoy life fully. Exercise doesn’t need to be costly or elaborate to be beneficial – doing it regularly is the key, with the whole body being exercised, not just exclusive areas.  Be it natural muscle, skills or spiritual ability unless we use it, we lose it!  We are to be good stewards of our bodies – the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 6:19).

Bodily exercise is beneficial, being spiritually fit is more so (1 Tim 4:8). Godly exercises or spiritual disciplines that develop us include self-control (denying the flesh and obeying the Spirit), regular prayer, Bible reading and study, fellowship with other believers, fasting, tithing and doing good works by being other focused.

Physical body exercises are largely for our own personal advantage, developing and using our worldly marketplace skills benefits society while spiritual exercises profit the Kingdom of God. By addressing each of these interconnected areas, we will become whole, balanced, growing believers.

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