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Balance in life will keep us upright – on a level keel, not thrown by false teaching, flying off onto tangents or extremes that miss the mark, or being unduly stressed. Those who fear God will avoid all extremes, having a healthy balance in all they do (Eccl 7:18). If we concentrate our effort and time exclusively or disproportionately in one activity or area, it will result in a distorted and lopsided personality. There will be periods of extra emphasis or input into particular areas yet this will only be for a season then things should level out.

God expects us to be well rounded in every part of our lives: spiritual, social, mental and physical. “Jesus grew in wisdom [mental capacity], stature [physical development] in favour with God [spiritual dimension], and man [socially adjusted]” (Lk 2:52). We need to be balanced too in each of those areas. For example in the spiritual dimension we should be confident at witnessing, ably discipling new believers,  having a strong relationship with Jesus, a faith-believing prayer life, accurately discerning the signs of the times and a consistent hunger for the Word of God.                 

There should be a balance between the input and outflow of our spiritual experience. Receiving from your own devotional time with the Lord, and your church gatherings besides input from books and other media should be off-set by the giving out in mentoring and discipling your children and younger converts. The Dead Sea can’t support life because it only receives, there not being any outflow of

What areas of my life are out of balance? 

water. Similarly, if there is a disproportionate outflow compared to the inflow this will result in burnout and collapse. Unless the input exceeds the output, the upkeep will be the downfall! 

Don’t major on one aspect of Christianity to the exclusion of other major doctrines, instead seek to develop in all areas. (Cults often arise through an over-emphasis on a particular point). All scripture is given so we might be mature and stable in all the different aspects of our faith (2 Tim 3:16,17). Spiritual deformity, warped perspective or imbalance results from only focusing on selected ‘parts’ or doctrines of Christianity. We need the whole Bible to produce whole Christians. Sacrifice and discipline are balanced with prosperity, love with truth, and justice with mercy to produce rounded characters.

When the Bible says, “Love the Lord with all our heart...” it doesn’t mean we can’t take time off to enjoy other activities (Mk 12:30).  Jesus went to a wedding, and spent time with friends (Jn 2:1,2, 12:1,2).  At social occasions like this continue to live for Jesus and make new friends creating opportunities to share Christ. “Whatever we do, we do for the glory of God” (1 Cor 10:31). Seeking to live a balanced life does not mean that we should be less than fully committed in love and obedience to Christ or be less than righteous in our dealings with others. It is steering a middle path not neglecting our responsibilities.

Some people emphasize the Spirit at the expense of the cross. Others accentuate the cross at the expense of the Spirit. There needs to be a correct balance – God uses both the cross and the Spirit to transform us into the image of His Son. Faith and works are

We need a correct understanding

both necessary. We can only be saved by faith in Christ however once saved we are to work on our way to heaven.

To achieve balance we need a solid foundation just as a building does. A balanced physical diet ensures we get all the necessary vitamins and minerals enabling us to live a healthy life. Reading scripture and praying provides the foundation for spiritual health.

God decreed that man is to work to live (Gen 3:19). Unfortunately, some live but don't work, while others live to work, becoming workaholics, forfeiting family and social times to the detriment of their spiritual and physical lives.  Neither position honours God or fulfils His intentions for us.

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