Stability means to be unmovable, predictable, dependable and trustworthy, not fickle, or easily dislodged. Stability is at the core of God’s character. His love, faithfulness, justice and laws remain unchangeable, as contrasted to this world’s values and morals, which are constantly deteriorating. The Bible states, “I the Lord do not change…Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever” (Mal 3:6; Heb 13:8).

The extent of the foundation determines the size and stability of the structure that can be successfully built upon it, and its ability to stand, regardless of the severity of the storms (Mt 7:22-24). It is the storms that test the durability and steadfastness of our faith, so continually pay attention and strengthen the basis of your faith in Christ, for Satan endeavours to destabilize and bring ruin to whatever is of God. Life will present numerous challenges to test our resolve and tenacity to hold on to Christ, yet the storms should cause us to cling tighter so with our choice and commitment we can declare, “Truly He is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress, I will not be shaken” (Ps 18:2, 62:2,6).

We should have a stable, consistent, deepening relationship with God. Our relationships with others should also be on a steady, predictable footing, not up and down depending on our emotional moods or the changing circumstances of life. Keeping in step with God

Is my relationship with Christ stable?

brings stability and balance even in the midst of change and chaos. Spiritual stability which is reinforced with moral and character stability is of immense value.

Many valid, worthwhile opportunities and demands present themselves in everyday life and we need divine wisdom as to where to invest time, effort and finance. Check your motives or the driving influences in your life for if you are being pulled in too many directions and constantly over-extended you need to say ‘No’ to some things. Just as when our physical diet is lacking in certain minerals or vitamins this can affect our emotional and mental stability so it is in other areas of our life – if they are out of balance it puts strain on another. After periods of intense pressure and activity we require time to regain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength, which is why God ordained one day off a week for recuperation (Ex 20:8-11).

As we each have different strengths and deficiencies, know and understand your weaknesses or vulnerable areas, where you need others to hold you accountable.

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