Diet is the food consumed by a person, and often implies regulating the intake for the purpose of improving one’s physical condition. Dieting focuses on both the type of food we consume and eating smaller, healthier portions. The food we consume should be nourishing, adequate and fresh so we get

How are my eating habits?

a balanced diet as our bodies reflect what we eat.  For some people “their god is their stomach” (Phil 3:19). Gluttony, leading to being overweight, is both a sin and an unhealthy lifestyle, as is being too slim (Prov 23:20,21). Being overweight causes many heath issues besides impeding the overall efficiency of the person’s life. It's basically through the food we eat and our lifestyle we become ill and its through the same two factors we can become well. Besides addressing the food you eat, ensure you have a healthy lifestyle.

Dieting and the limiting of certain food types are valid and wise measures along with physical exercise to keep the body in shape. Fast foods (often referred

to as junk foods) are renown for being high in fat, sugar, salt and harmful food additives. Some people suffer from food allergies and so obviously these foods should be avoided.  

As caretakers of our bodies which are the temple of Holy Spirit it is our responsibility to respect and care for them (1 Cor 6:19). We are what we physically eat and feed into our minds so self-control needs to be

Consume a proper physical and spiritual diet

consistently exercised in both. Daniel and his associates chose to eat healthier food and drink, and were all the better for it (Dan 1:8-16).

See also: balance, body/soul/spirit, exercise, fasting, food, health, lifestyle, self-control.