Pursuing God

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This is a ‘holy discontent’ with one’s current relationship with God – a belief there is so much more that can be entered into, coupled with the determination to make this pursuit of God a priority. Rather than being satisfied to be a lukewarm Christian, which is abhorrent to God, why not be red-hot for Christ (Rev 3:15,16)? Many people when they become believers are on fire for God, then ‘life’ gets intense and although their hand is still ‘on the plough’ they frequently look back at what they gave up – consequently their spiritual life suffers (Lk 9:62). Do I want to be just a mediocre Christian?

"The Lord looks to see if any seek God" (Ps 14:2). Yet the promise is when we “Go after Him with our whole heart we will find Him”, for “He rewards those who diligently seek Him” (Prov 8:17, Isa 58:2; Jer 29:13; Heb 11:6). Jesus expressed it as, "Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all the necessary things of life will be given to you" (Mt 6:33). Claim the words said to Abraham, “I am your exceeding great reward” (Gen 15:1). As the Psalmist said “No one who hopes in you will be disappointed” – may this be our confession too. “Your face I will seek” (Ps 25:3, 27:8).

It takes concerted effort to lay aside the demands of life and its busyness to connect with God so rather than being dictated to by the events of life we need to be in control, set priorities and not have a casual, ‘If I have time’ approach. There will be a cost involved as we deny what our carnal self wants to spend time doing. Pursuing God through

Do I view my relationship with God                                        top priority?

focused devotion to Him requires surrender of personal plans, quality time in His presence, expressing our heart’s desire to Him, and being sensitive to His voice, besides walking in obedience and righteousness. “Blessed are they that…seek Him with the whole heart…Who hunger and thirst for righteousness [this is a reflection of God’s character], for they will be filled” (Ps 119:2; Mt 5:6).

Consider the example of the disciples who said “We have left all to follow you”, and Paul who said, I disregard the past and even where I am at the moment, instead I press on regardless to know Christ in a greater way (Mk 10:28; Phil 3:7-14). Is this the inner cry of my heart too? Am I committed to pushing on to experience a greater sense of His presence? The more we follow God, the more He will come and reveal Himself to us for “Those that honour God, He will honour” (1 Sam 2:30; Jn 14:23).

The challenge of Jesus is, unless you give up the right to run your own life you can’t be my disciple yet “Everyone who has given up [what is dear to them] for my sake will receive one hundred times as

We will not be disappointed

much” in eternity (Mt 19:29; Lk 14:26). When alone with God and we honestly acknowledge the disappointments in our circumstances and relationships we will enter into a greater intimacy and dependency on Him; whereas when we are comfortably satisfied and without any pressing needs there is not the intensity to our seeking after Him (1 Sam 1:7-16). It is a privilege that He wants us to connect with Him and our pursuit of God is always successful because He is forever seeking to manifest Himself to us. God works in our situations to arouse the desire so we will reach out and find Him (Act 17:26,27). As He wants intimacy with us, whatever He does in us is designed to draw us closer to Himself.

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