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Seeking after God involves a passionate, consistent effort on our part, not a half-hearted, lack-lustre, ‘good thought’ intention. The Lord declares, when we pursue Him we will find

Is He the focus of my seeking?

Him – when we search with all our heart (Jer 29:13). While there will be a personal cost (to our self-life which should be diminishing anyway), the Bible declares, “He rewards those who diligently seek Him” (1 Sam 2:30; Heb 11:6). Jesus spoke of those who gave everything in their search for and the gaining of spiritual treasure (Mt 13:44-46). Wise men still seek Him! “If you seek Him, He will be found of you; but if you forsake Him, He will reject you forever” (1 Chr 28:9; Isa 55:6).

Seeking the Lord involves a determined ‘turning of our face’ towards Him, and away from our wicked ways; this will include repentance of specific sin as well as our general lack of devotion (2 Chr 7:14). The purpose of seeking God is to know Him and His ways more intimately, which should result in loving obedience (2 Chr 14:4; Neh 1:5). “Seek and you will find” (Mt 7:7,8). If you are not committed to diligent looking, how can you expect to find?

Ever since Adam and Eve hid from God in the garden, the Biblical verdict has been “No man seeks after God”. This culminated in humanity rejecting His claims and nailing Him to a cross (Ps 14:2,3; Rom 3:10,11). However, “God so loved the world” that he sent Jesus to “seek and save the lost” and draw sinners to Himself (Lk 19:10; Jn 3:16, 6:44). Unregenerate people do not naturally see a need for the gospel and for Jesus Christ. Part of our task is to create a thirst in others so that they desire to know Jesus too. God arranges the circumstances so people have opportunity to seek Him and ‘perhaps reach out for Him and find Him, though He is not far from every one of us' (Act 17:26,27). Even serious misfortune affords opportunities for hurting humanity to find Him.

Jesus said the object of our supreme choice and pursuit is to be God's Kingdom and His righteousness, and God who knows our situation will supply what is needed (Mt 6:32,33). 

Some people are so intent on searching for and gaining fame and fortune that they lose their eternal soul (Lk 12:15). Others, though desperately seeking love, miss the love of God and only find heartache. Seeking worthless things only makes us worthless as well (Jer 2:5).

See also: diligent, guidance (divine), hearing God’s voice, pursuing God, waiting on God, zeal.


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