<<full of activity, hectic>>

We should be active for God’s Kingdom as well as our paid employment, caring for family, other responsibilities and maintaining possessions.  However, activity, including church meetings, must not crowd out or be a substitute for personal times with God. Keep your perspective and goals in life right, by focusing on what God requires of you (Mic 6:8). Sometimes this involves saying a firm ‘no’ to legitimate things and commitments that you could normally fit in but because of unexpected pressure must be declined.  Do not to be so occupied with your own affairs that you can’t help those around you as illustrated by the parable of the Good Samaritan (Lk 10:29-37).  The good works we carry out should be what He would do; this will bring praise to God (Mt 5:15,16).  Don’t become tired of doing good, especially to Christians (Gal 6:9,10). 

Maintain a correct balance between being (character) and doing (out working of our faith) which are equally important. Listening to Jesus and serving go hand in hand; they should not exclude or cancel each other out, instead be complimentary. This will ensure a balanced lifestyle through which Christ can work to affect the world for good (Lk 10:38-42).

Fatigue and burnout can result from not taking time to rest and recharge your batteries – sleep, eating properly, maintaining social contacts, let alone quality family time and intimacy with God. Satan is not so concerned what we do as long as it is not spending time with our Master, having our spirits

Don’t be so busy doing other stuff that you have no time to fulfill your calling

refreshed, re-fired and refueled. Satan will do all he can to prevent the flow of life from the divine Spirit to our spirit so focus on what is essential; make your time alone with God top priority, a non-negotiable unhurried part of every day. Do not equate busyness with spirituality, as only what is done in response to God’s direction can be blessed by Him.  God isn’t impressed with busyness; He wants lives lived under His control and in close relationship with Him (Jn 15:4,5). We are not the only servant in God’s Kingdom!

People can be so busy in activity that they miss out on what is really important or fail to read the road signs of life and miss it altogether (Mt 16:26).  What is the motive for my continual activity? If it is to serve and bless, this needs to be balanced so stamina and consistency can be maintained. If it is to impress people by our seeming importance, this is vanity. If it is because I am trying to run from something, silence a guilty conscience or avoid other obligations these issues need to be faced. If it is to prove my self-worth, remember it’s what I am in Christ not what I do that is the key.

“Consider the pathway you are walking” (Prov 4:26). Am I over-committed in some areas in my life that other important obligations and my own health are overlooked? Don’t be so busy that you neglect your own family, meeting others needs that you fail in own responsibilities. More strength is needed when

Review your commitments

the axe is blunt (Eccl 10:10). Productivity increases markedly when wisdom and logic is applied; eliminate time-wasting things from your life, work smarter, where possible delegate, have clearly defined goals and strategies so you are not just running around in circles, not sure where you are headed. A rocking chair indicates motion but makes little real progress. It is easy to be so busy gaining information and attending meetings that there is little time to implement the advice received.

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