<<taking it easy>> 

In the busyness of life it is essential to unwind and be refreshed (Mk 6:31). However, we need to be wise about our ‘time out’. King David, during such a period of idleness, looked at a woman bathing and then chose to entertain wrong thoughts that lead to a series of

Be a good steward of your time-off

very wrong actions with serious, long-term consequences. When we are not actively involved in our responsibilities, or otherwise not alert, we still need to be on guard as the senses and emotions can be easily diverted and wander into unproductive or sinful areas. Satan is continually on the prowl to take advantage of vulnerable, unsuspecting, defenceless people (1 Pet 5:8). Consciously monitor your thoughts, making wise choices, besides dealing effectively and decisively with what is not glorifying to God. Our spiritual armour should never be taken off. Hobbies and pastimes should be stimulating and further develop our personality and abilities without being all-consuming. Don’t fritter away the hours watching TV or just become self-adsorbed, instead endeavour to make this time productive in some way for eternity or at least keep your brain and body in shape.

See also: armour (spiritual), guard, hobbies, holiday, leisure, recreation, refresh, rest, thinking/thoughts.