<<free time>>

Life should not be a constant whirl of busyness, without time to relax and be refreshed; Jesus said to His disciples, take some time out and get some rest (Mk 6:31).

When not involved with work, family responsibilities or other obligations, what do we choose to do to occupy ourselves? Some are content to just squander their time, watching endless TV, others have creative hobbies, use the spare time to prepare for the future, do something constructive and worthwhile, or bless people through good works.

Whatever you do, do for the glory of God – 1 Corinthians 10:31

Is what I do of any real value? Remember we are answerable for our lives, as stewards of the time given to us. Although many things are morally neutral, some have a positive and beneficial outcome, while others are addictive, negative and destructive even if accepted by society in general (1 Cor 6:12, 10:23).

Even when we are ‘off duty’ we need to be continually ‘on guard’, having in place the spiritual armour, aware that Satan, like a lion is ready to gain the advantage over anyone not alert to his schemes (2 Sam 11:1-4; 2 Cor 2:11; Eph 6:10-18; 1 Pet 5:8,9).

We all have a range of God-given passions and interests that give us natural connection with others of like mind. By intentionally engaging with society, we can build friendships and share with those around us who need Jesus. Today few unchurched people just walk into church, however through relationships and interaction with people in the wider world they can be introduced to Jesus and begin the journey of salvation.

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