God is not a killjoy, and Christians with sour faces are not a good advertisement for Jesus. Take pleasure in activities and games where you can enjoy yourself while mixing informally with others.  Each component of our lives (spirit, soul and body) needs catering for in the right way to be happy, healthy, balanced individuals. However, ensure whatever you do can be done to His glory and not cause another to stumble (1 Cor 8:9; Col 3:17).

Our free time of relaxation and fun must not cause us to lower our standards by compromising our faith, integrity or commitment; otherwise having a good time will end in spiritual tragedy. Nor should we get enjoyment at the expense of others, because of

Wholesome fun is beneficial

their lack of ability, problems, or by mimicking their actions.  Don’t be deceived by the fleeting pleasures of sin but consider the long-term overall picture (Heb 11:25).

See also: entertainment, games, happiness, humour, joy, leisure, pleasure.