The Bible counsels, consider the paths you walk and only take wise routes through life (Prov 4:26).

Although we can’t plan for every possibility we should think through the possible scenarios in logical manner (Lk 14:28-30). Prudence does not rush into situations or take unnecessary risks (Eccl 5:1,2). Don’t do what would put you outside the protective covering of God, be aware of the snare of sin to entrap and lead you away from God. Satan is always on the lookout to take advantage of unsuspecting victims (1 Pet 5:8). “Bad company corrupts good character” (1 Cor 15:33). Live by God’s principles, not the worldly methods that end in hurt and destruction.

Do not hastily speak your mind as our tongues are filled with deadly poison and can cause irretrievable damage (Prov 18:21; Jas 3:6). Reinforce the safeguards by repetition (Phil 3:1).

We are entrusted to be guardians of the physical and spiritual life God has given us. Do not treat it with contempt (Mt 7:6).

See also: awareness, discernment, risk, warning, words.

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