<<safety measures>>

To a large degree, wise choices safeguard against disaster or problems. Thinking through the possible scenarios, being aware and planning beforehand, setting in place systems and checks besides monitoring situations, are all wise measures so you will not be ambushed by worldly traps or those of Satan
(2 Cor 2:11). Learn from the experiences of others so you don’t make the same mistakes.

If a person doesn’t play with fire they will not be burnt. It is not a case of seeing how close you can go to the cliff edge without falling off. The Bible counsels, “Keep to a path far from[the adulteress]; do not go near the door of her house” (Prov 5:8). Understand where

Stay away from the enemy’s camp  

sin lurks; don’t sell-out your character by putting yourself in unwise, vulnerable situations where Satan can gain the advantage over you, either in reality or intent (Mt 5:27,28).  

Preparation takes place before the test or exam. Take the Word of God to heart; know the Scriptures and stay close to Jesus, under His protective covering
so you will not be led astray. Know what your vulnerable areas to temptation are and put in place safeguards and accountability measures. Obedience or prevention is better than endeavouring to correct a matter after the wrong has happened (1 Sam 15:22). By walking in obedience and integrity, you set yourself up for His blessing.  “Consider the path of your feet, always choose the right way” (Prov 4:26). Regularly review your life, correct any areas where
you are starting to get lax and compromise.

See also: accountability, covering, disasters, guard, integrity, preparation, vulnerable, wisdom/wise.