In the spiritual realm, awareness understands what God thinks on a matter by having discernment or a witness in our spirit that God is with us and working on our case (Eph 5:17). The boy Samuel had a

Am I aware of His leading?

tender spirit that heard and responded to His voice (1 Sam 3:3-18). We too can develop a sensitive and perceptive heart by quickly responding to the Holy Spirit, yet  being aware of false prophets and the deception and tactics of Satan which do not conform to Bible principles (1 Jn 4:1-6).

Likewise, in the physical world we should not be naïve, but alert to dangers and undesirable situations. This awareness allows us to be prepared and take precautions. God does not promise to protect us from our own stupidity.

See also: discernment, intuition, perception, sensitive, vigilance.

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