We are prone to making needless mistakes when emotionally and physically exhausted besides being more vulnerable to spiritual attacks of temptation, discouragement and self-pity by overlooking the good things of God that are for us. A lack of sleep, frustrations, unrelenting stress and being involved in too many things (especially if there are conflicting priorities), are draining on the body’s resources and mental stamina, so life becomes a grind not a joy, with simple tasks taking on unduly draining qualities.

When we are very tired things get out of perspective, with our thinking becoming pessimistic, while critical words can cause relational conflict with faulty decisions being made. Another form of tiredness or inner turmoil results from people neglecting or ignoring us so we feel isolated (and often self-pitying), typified by the “We have worked all night and caught no fish” syndrome (Lk 5:5).

When tired keep a tight rein on                                      your reactions

God designated one day a week for rest from our normal work schedule to regain the right perspective by focusing on and worshipping Him (Ex 20:8-11). Hope, vitality and enthusiasm returns as we get refreshed spiritually and we have opportunity to deal with emotional hang-ups. As with any other command, we break the Sabbath at our peril, as it will be to the detriment of our long-term physical well-being and relationships, especially in our connection with God, if we are constantly worn-out. We are to respect and care for our bodies, which are a dwelling place of the Holy Spirit, remembering there is a contented tiredness after hard yet successful activity which is naturally regenerative (1 Cor 6:19).  In contrast God doesn’t get tired, in fact He is always at His work so spend time with Him to receive strength (Isa 40:28-31; Jn 5:17).

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