<<prolonged weariness>>

There is a healthy tiredness caused by strenuous physical or mental activity from which the mind and body bounces back after a nutritious meal and sound sleep, however a discouragement and a longer-lasting fatigue which drains the body of vitality often sets in after a great spiritual experience, especially if it was physically or emotionally demanding.  Elijah, after defeating the prophets of Baal in a spectacular manner and receiving the answer to his prayer for rain said, “I’ve had enough, take away my life” (1 Kgs 19:4). If Satan can’t prevent the exhilarating mountain top experience he tries to nullify or reduce its effect soon after by making the valley experience a deep treacherous ravine, a place where he can gain the advantage over us, tempting us not to persist in living for God (1 Pet 5:8). During these emotional low times, spiritual disciplines are often neglected and Satan attacks in the area of the mind and our resolve to resist temptation is weaker. There is an inter-connection between the condition of our spirit, soul and body, with one affecting the other areas to some degree. As it is only through Christ we have the victory over Satan, reinforce your connection with the Saviour and recharge your spiritual batteries, focusing on God’s purpose and grace by having a break from physical and mental over-activity to “Come aside and rest awhile” (Mk 6:31). Tell Him you are discouraged and disillusioned with things not having worked out as you had hoped and prayed they would. Commit yourself afresh to Him, surrendering your goals and even God-given calling on the altar of sacrifice – ‘Into your hands I commit my all, everything I am and will be’.

When fatigued there is a tendency to isolate oneself from people and disconnect with life, besides having a wrong perspective – with problems appearing bigger than they actually are, or questioning ‘have I misread God’s guidance…is it really worth it…?’

“Even the youths will grow weary but those that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength” (Isa 40:29-31; Zech 10:12).  Often we are trying to do too

    Take regular timeout to be restored

much or carry the load ourselves rather than casting our burden on the Lord (Ps 55:22; Mt 11:28-30; 1 Pet 5:7). If possible get others ‘on your team’ to share the load and delegate responsibilities (Ex 18:14-22). Rather than be exclusively focused on your own affairs broaden your horizons to support and help carry the load of others (Gal 6:2).

We are to respect and care for our bodies, which are the Holy Spirit’s home (1 Cor 3:16, 6:19). Important factors are a balanced diet and adequate sleep besides monitoring the input into our minds. Pace yourself, know your limits; make time to refresh yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually. Unresolved problems with relationships can produce emotional fatigue, which affects the physical body too.

See also: balance, burnout, energy, relaxation, stress, vulnerable, weary, work.

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