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“The joy of the Lord is my strength” (Neh 8:10). Paul declared, “I can only do my work effectively because God’s mighty energy is at work within me” (Col 1:29). By understanding God’s heart for humanity, we can confidently pray for the energizing of the Holy Spirit to accomplish through us His specific call on our life. Goals provide motivation and energy with enthusiasm being released as projects and activities are undertaken with zeal. With stamina and energy, life is much more enjoyable through increasing self-confidence as goals are set, worked at and achieved. Override the desire to quit and maintain the momentum to accomplish through faith and hard work.

We need positive mental attitudes and confession, vibrant faith and a belief that what we are doing is beneficial to humanity and will bear fruit for eternity. A goal to achieve provides the drive to push beyond our comfort zone. As we wait on God He revitalises our strength, as natural human stamina diminishes especially through aging (Isa 40:29-31).

Sometimes we can be involved in too many projects or activities (all which may be worthwhile) but produce very little results to show for the energy outlaid. It may be wiser to focus on fewer things, enabling more concentrated focus with less distractions or conflicting demands. Uncertainty, fear, worry, bitterness, guilt, un-forgiveness, stress and

   Keep going by drawing on inner,                              God-given strength

other negative emotions or thoughts can sap one’s energy as does lack of adequate food, being physically unfit, insufficient sleep and strained relationships with God and man (Ps 31:10, 32:4). Deal with these self-focused, negative and life draining aspects so you can face each day with optimism and hope in God. Our capacity for work increases by freeing up positive energy as un-necessary and non-productive activities or thought patterns that drain our physical or emotional reserves are eliminated.

See also: drive/driven, enthusiasm, focus, positive mental attitude, rest.

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