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Social media, the computer-based technology that facilitates the sharing of ideas, thoughts, and information through the building of virtual networks and communities allows almost anyone to instantly reach the public domain. With internet access they can sign up for a social media account and share whatever content they choose to, which reaches anyone who visits their page or profile. By sharing and receiving information via web-based platforms, either in closed or public forums, we can have instant interaction with others and network with the wider community. This has benefits but also drawbacks.

This online tool can be used beneficially for good such as demonstrating our faith, values and a positive influence to other people or as an impulsive vehicle used to seek persnal attention, besides the prevelant exposure to temptation and sin.

Humanity was created to interact with others (besides God) but we should be wary of spending exorbitant time on ways of communication, where the overall tone is generally trivial and unhealthy, because of the gossip and the focus on exalting self, which is neither productive nor glorifying to God so be

Consider the benefits and pitfalls of using                        modern communication media

sure your use of social media is always honourable (1 Cor 10:31; Eph 4:29). If those addicted to their devices, spent as much time communicating with God what a transformation there would be in their spiritual walk.

Over indulgence in the use of social media has an adverse effect on personal relationships as well as communication skills. As people increasingly converse via electronic means they withdraw from physical face-to-face interaction and miss important contextual clues resulting in negative feelings of isolation which can lead to depression. Peer-pressure can be exerted to compromise and exchange sensitive material, while divulging so much of our lives can result in unjustified pride or condemnation. Because of the ‘personal’ nature of the interchanges, this can lead to the vulnerability of cyber bullying. As social media is different to traditional media where the flow of communication is normally only one-way , consider how modern methods of communication can serve the mission of the church as well as your own needs.

It is wise to set restrictions and boundaries on the use of such media (especially for children) as not everything is beneficial or constructive and we should not be controlled

    Should I be limiting my involvement?

by, or addicted to, devices that consume the time and attention that we should be giving to more worthwhile activities (1 Cor 6:12, 10:23). With this highly-addictive pastime we must be good role models to our children.

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