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God made human minds, with the creative ability to dream, experiment and invent. Enormous scientific advances have enriched the lives of those living in the more

Technology is a means to an end

developed countries. However, technology can also be used in destructive and harmful ways with ready access gained to pornography and other beneficial material and so must be used with caution, exercising self-imposed boundaries. Despite the advancements in the realm of communication gadgets there is an increase in anti-social behaviour with people finding it difficult to converse face to face. We should monitor the amount of time spent on such devices so they do displace the important things in life, which include time with God and family. We should love people and use things, not love things and use people. We must conrtol our involvement with technology, not allowing it to dictate to and be the master of us (Rom 6:16).

Exploding technological developments have enabled the gospel to reach around virtually the entire globe and change people’s eternal destinies even in those countries whose governments are hostile to the message through U-tube, internet, DVD’s, mobile phones and Bible study apps amongst other mediums. As believers we should be utilzing these new forms of technology to teach and share the ‘good news’ which is the great commission that Jesus requires of us (Mt 28:16-20). 

In spite of all the gadgets and means of communication in the world, they do not connect us with God. This must happen on a spiritual level, as it always has been, through a heart-to-heart, intimate relationship based on the belief He exists and rewards those who diligently seek Him, with a vital

Regardless of all our advancements we still                                                    need a Saviour

salvation experience and ongoing interaction (Heb 11:6; Jas 4:8). While technical devices are rapidly improving in their capabilities, humanities morals and Godliness are quickly deteriorating. 

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