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Everyone must have his or her own connection to God to be born again. To walk in the Christian path requires frequent encounters with God to recalibrate our hearts and values. As believers, we must put a greater emphasis on ensuring the presence of God is central to all we do and are. We may quote, “God is with us,” however this truth should govern our activities, words and thoughts in an ever-increasing measure (1Kgs 8:57; Mt 1:23). If we lived in the same dependency and reliance on the Father and Holy Spirit as Jesus did, our lives will have greater impact (Jn 5:19, 6:38, 14:12). Starting on the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit powerfully impacted the followers of Christ; their lives were totally transformed, multitudes become believers and many miraculous healings took place (Act 1:8, 2:1ff).

Jesus said He is the source of life, and we can only access His life by being in intimate relationship with Him, ‘having our hand in His’ not walking at a distance, living independently or just knowing about God. His transforming life must flow into us before it can flow out in power to effect a change in others – this is the fruit He desires (Dan 11:32; Jn 10:10, 15:4-8). Satan's objective is to prevent or hinder individuals uniting in a meaningful heart relationship with God.

When on earth Jesus also said, “I can of my own self do nothing” yet by relying totally on God’s enabling the divine power flowed through Him accomplishing many miracles (Jn 5:30; Act 10:38). Humility and reliance on the Father resulted in the Kingdom of God affecting many people. It is your right as his child, connected to Him, to draw from his resources. From connection to Him, everything else will flow, and this vital relationship should keep us from yielding to any pressure to be involved in any ungodly practices.

What stops us coming close to God? Is it because He is continually bringing things to our attention to refine our spiritual character and we are uncomfortable with that search? (Ps 139:23,24). The Bible asks, “Can two walk together unless they are agreed?” (Amos 3:3). He, the Holy one, can’t change so it is us who needs to be continually rising up to His standard so we can communicate in harmony. Maybe we are not aware there is the potential and opportunity for a continual unfolding or revelation of closeness with our Saviour, whose invitation is “Come to me…” (Mt 11:28). He desires to, and is able to have a much closer relationship with us all – we are the ones who determine the level of intimacy. Does my heart long for God as a deer pants for water (Ps 42:1,2, 84:2). Some followers of Jesus said, “Our hearts burned within us as we spent time with Him” (Lk 24:32).

People should see we have been with Jesus by the changes in our lifestyle, habits and speech (Act 4:13). Each area of our lives will be impacted as we allow and co-operate with the Holy Spirit to bring about the transformation within.  As Christians, we should be outward focused, interested and involved with others, being friendly and helpful, building

Has my life radically changed since connecting with Jesus?

bridges of familiarity that present opportunities to share Christ in natural every day settings. This is why it is strategic to be involved in worthwhile community organisations or activities so non-Christians can see and encounter ‘Christ’ in action. Friendship evangelism through interacting with the lost is very effective, in both the initial salvation experience and also the ongoing discipleship and support of new Christians. Be connected not just to others of a similar socio-economical standing as you, but reach out to those who the world shuns and need a help-up in life. Unless people connect relationally, they will often move on to where they feel secure and accepted in a group setting.

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