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Mix socially and interact with those you associate with, be it at school, work, in the community or in a Christian setting by having a good knowledge of current affairs and life in general. However, do not submit to peer pressure or intimidation to feel accepted, or try to blend in with the non-Christians by

By being a friend, you earn the right to                                                    speak of Jesus

compromising your faith and morals, or doing anything that you believe Christ would not do. While many things are permissible for us to engage in, we must not be brought under the power or control of them (1 Cor 6:12). We are not to lured away from our devotion to Christ (2 Cor 11:3). Our closest friends are to be those who walk close to the Lord, encourage us in God as we also stimulate them in their faith and will challenge us if we they detect compromise or a questionable practice in our lives.  Maintain your integrity and values by discreetly excusing yourself from activity that is not compatible with Christian teaching, yet don’t remain aloof giving the impression you are superior to them or they are unimportant. 

At all times we are to be kind to others, not judging but treating them as we would like to be treated (Mt 7:1; Lk 6:31; Eph 4:23).  While it is vitally important to display Godly character we should also sensitively yet truthfully speak words that will challenge them in regard to their position to Christ.
So as you make connections, guide the conversation onto wholesome topics and when the opportunity presents speak a ‘word in season’ pointing people to Jesus, the only hope anyone has for reaching heaven (Prov 15:23; Jn 4:6; Act 4:12).

As all humans are people for who Christ died, they are entitled to our respect, with the gospel clearly presented to them, especially through actions – “Let your light shine so that others may see your good works and praise your Father in heaven” (Mt 5:16). Cultivate positive relationships with family, fellow believers and all those we come in contact with and although it is natural to be more attracted to some people than others, we are not to show favouritism but to love and do good to everyone (Gal 6:10; Jas 2:1-9). Through intermingling with others we can influence them for Christ, as He Himself did (Mt 11:19).

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