Hate Speech

Freedom of speech is the right of an individual or community to articulate their opinions and ideas without fear of retaliation, censorship, or legal sanction. 

Hate speech is described as speech that is intended to insult, intimidate, or cause prejudice against a person or people based on their race, gender, age, sexual orientation, political affiliation, occupation, disability, or physical appearance.

Increasingly being included in that definition is stating certain beliefs are wrong or that a certain activities are sinful, based on biblical principles. Yet telling someone the truth is an act of love, not hate. It is not hate speech for a building inspector to state a certain piece of land is unsuitable for building on due to its unstableness. It is better to be told the truth upfront, than turning a blind eye to the situation and the house collapsing with the loss of life.  Warning by telling someone that their lifestyle is immoral or their religion or faith system has serious Biblical errors affords them the opportunity to reconsider and hopefully change when they are presented with the facts and evidence in a gracious way. The goal of this resource is to point out the truth of God's Word, by which we individually will be judged, and where our lives fall short of God's values begin to apply change (Jn 12:48).

As believers we are to "Speak the truth in love" yet love is not a substitute for the truth (Eph 4:15). Our conversation is to be full of grace, seasoned with salt as we defend our faith with gentleness and respect (Col 4:6; 1 Pet 3:15).   

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