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Taking unfair advantage of another, especially a man forcing himself sexually upon a female. It is a gross violation of God’s design for the treatment of anothers body, without any thought for their feelings, desires or well-being, through a lack of respect and self-control often motivated by aggression and to exert power over another. Rape violates that very sacred part of human sexuality that was designed by God to be a private love offering to a spouse (Mk 10:7,8). The act of rape strips a victim of dignity and self-worth, leaving soul wounds that linger long after the body heals. What God intends for good, Satan plans to use for evil, and when Satan twists and perverts God’s greatest gifts, the devastation is overwhelming. Sexual assult is never the victims fault. Victims of rape need compassion, care and assistance to deal with the painful physical and emotional trauma and may require professional help. The perpetrators need to be punished according to the law, but God extends forgiveness to those who repent and turn from their evil ways.

Men should act with integrity and treat all females as they would their mother or sisters (1 Tim 5:2). The over-emphasis of, and obsession with sex in modern life has created a culture that portrays women, children, and the innocent as sexual objects.

Females need to be exercise wisdom and integrity not to dress in suggestive, provocative clothing or engage in activities that will inflame the male’s fantasies. Both parties should avoid substances that render them unaware of another’s actions, knowing, as a rule, there is safety in numbers and, especially at night, it is prudent to avoid certain places (Gen 19:30-38). Many rapes are by family members (incest) or someone known to the victim, so always be mindful of ‘being alone’ situations.

In dating situations don’t push the boundaries, for as the male desires are easily aroused couples need to have clear guidelines as to what is and what is not acceptable in their relationship and determine not to cross those boundaries.

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