Inner Healing

<<freedom from inner hurts>>

Behaviour patterns have been imprinted in our minds from early childhood experiences; be they good, positive and beneficial or bad, negative and destructive. These thought patterns continue to influence or empower our actions and reactions through life as habits. Wrong beliefs need challenging and the destructive lies of Satan’s deception exposed for what they are, demolished in the name of Jesus and the mind renewed by meditating on the truths of God’s Word (Rom 12:2; 2 Cor 10:4,5).

Don’t be held in bondage, crippled in your emotions, by past painful negative experiences but receive inner healing at the source of this memory and for the resulting, perpetuating problem. The interpretation of painful events, fears and traumas in the memory needs addressing so present situations don’t trigger off similar destructive emotions as

The past has a strong influence on the present

previously.  Painful memories can be pushed down and stored in the subconscious mind. Many children are subject to soul damaging experiences from early in life, be it verbal, emotional, sexual or physical abuse. It is not beneficial to dredge up and replay the occurances that caused the hurt or anger nor use visualisation techniques that 'see' Jesus walking with you through this hurtful situation. Release comes not by reasoning or reliving our feelings but rather what we know about God. Thus relief comes, not so much by healing of the memories as identifying and dealing with the lies that have empowered them. It is not a matter of applying a formula, but rather the principles of God’s Word. As the present is a reflection of the past, deal with the past and redeem the present.

The Bible is clear that the Christian experience involves the death of our old selves and "rising to walk in newness of life", with this new transformed life characterized by thoughts about Him who saved us, not thoughts about the dead flesh that has been crucified with Christ (Rom 6:4, 12:1,2; 2 Cor 5:17). As we abide in Him He transforms our hearts and heals us (Jn 15:5). Our focus is to be on the Lord not on ourselves.

Rather than let hurtful experiences gnawing away within, deal with them as they occur
so they become growth points and not offences that will hinder progress. Unpleasant emotions are not destructive if they motivate constructive growth responses. Do not

Christ died to make us whole

resort to the devil’s ploys of engaging in destructive and addictive habits to deaden thepain. Seek help, if necessary, from a trusted confidante or professional. Time and persistence are necessary, along with the motivation of desire to be free of the shackles of the past. Forgiving those who have caused you the pain is a major key to come into freedom. Always keep your eyes on Jesus – have a close and up-to-date relationship with Him. He came to heal the brokenhearted and assist us to victory (1 Cor 15:57). He alone is the source of genuine and complete healing of all emotional wounds.  The world’s way is to literally drown out the pain through alcohol, numb the mind with destructive substances, engage in illicit sex or bury oneself in an activity, yet this is to no avail – the problem is only masked and will reappear.

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