1/. <<money paid on loan>>

The charging of interest on money lent to fellow Jews was forbidden in the OT. It was to be practiced only with foreigners, while ill-gotten gains do not last long (Ex 22:25; Deut 23:19,20; Prov 28:8). In one of His parables Jesus implies that making a profit is acceptable, however usury (making exorbitant charges) is never acceptable (Mt 25:27). The interest paid obviously increases the price of the product, so this must also be considered before making purchases on credit.

See also: borrow, credit cards, money, profit

2/. <<attraction; leisure pursuit>>

Various things or people excite our curiosity and draw our attention creating the desire to know more. Ensure they are God honouring pursuits.

Each of us has activities or things we like to do in our spare time. These provide creative outlets and can also be a means of connecting with others with whom we can share our faith in a marketplace setting.

See also: actions/activities, hobbies, leisure, self-interest.