Influential Christians

Since the early church days, as recorded in the Bible, until now there has always been a small number of ‘key’ godly men and women who have lived devotedly for God and made outstanding advances for the gospel of Christ. They were not satisfied to live life according to the general conditions around them, rather they had a burning passion within that compelled them to greater depths of relationship and outward expression of their belief in God. They have been instrumental in not only keeping the fires of Christianity fanned but also, in faith and courage, been used by God to do exploits in His name and for His glory. Such people ‘see’ what can be accomplished, hold to the dream, and act to see it become reality in spite of the obstacles and opposition.

Often behind a person of significant influence is a devoted spouse who supports their partner to enable them to achieve what they do. Traditionally women have taken a supportive role, however others have worked alongside their husbands as Catherine Booth did with William in founding the Salvation Army.  Single women, such as Gladys Aylward, have risen to outstanding significance – for her pioneering work in China; and Mother Theresa with her work in India. It is doubtful if John and Charles Wesley would have risen to such spiritual heights had it not been for their mother Susanna, and her prayers on their behalf.

Historically the majority of these prominent believers have been men; those listed in this resource are, by no means a full list of those who sovereignly were used in a powerful way. Many other seemingly unknown people, male and female, will be honoured in heaven by a “Well done, good and faithful servant” by God Almighty (Mt 25:21,23).

There was only ever one Apostle Paul; however, we can all make our mark for the Kingdom of God in our own sphere of influence. Do not be content to just learn or daydream about what others did, find your God-given assignment and with His help
fulfill it. You owe it to Christ for what He did for you on the cross, to the world and to

What will be my entry in the heavenly hall of fame?

yourself. No one can stand alone and make an impact without the support of others so actively assist those who are making an impact for the Kingdom.

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