Howells, Rees


He lived 1879-1950 and together with his wife they were instrumental in carrying the ‘revival fires’ of the Welsh revival (1904,1905) that had impacted them, to the mission field in Africa. When asked if he had brought the blessing with them Howells replied, the source of revival is the Holy Ghost and He could do among them what He had done in Wales. Revival soon broke out and many thousands were converted. The Howells were led back to Wales and began the Bible College of Wales where intercession was a hallmark.

The miracle of Dunkirk during World War 2 was also acknowledged by the British leaders as an intervention of God. The prevailing prayers of this man of God are attributed to the transforming of many other world events.

He is quoted as saying, ‘Living faith is above circumstances; no delays can discourage it, no loss of friends or depression in trade can touch it…You may live in a crowd but you meet God and face eternity alone…A man may be godly and devoted and yet still need the Holy Ghost, and find it by no means easy to make a full surrender’. Am I a person of prayer?

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