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A tactic of Satan to undermine our belief in what God has said.  “Did God really say that?” was an opportunity for Eve to remind herself and speak out God’s words, instead she listened to Satan and fell into his subtle trap (Gen 2:16,17, 3:1-6).

Doubts are a negative mental response so to overcome them focus your mind with faith in God’s promises, and praise Him for the blessings already received. Do I regularly feed my mind on the promises of God and praise Him for His hand on my life?

Faith and belief in God must be challenged and tested to grow stronger – dealing with negative thoughts is an essential part of the Christian life. Don’t doubt the love of God or that He isn’t concerned about you or your situation – He is working on your behalf (Lk 12:6,7; Rom 8:28). Times of questioning can help us sort out our beliefs and strengthen

 Challenge your doubts with the                      promises of God’s Word

our faith, but they are also dangerous times when wrong decisions can be made if our feelings dictate the response and not the promises of the Bible.  Doubts often arise because we analyse a situation by the natural mind whereas faith is seeing the problem from God’s perspective. If there is a conflict between God’s promises and your reasoning or understanding of the situation ask the Lord to increase your faith as doubts prevent us from receiving from God (Lk 17:5; Jas 1:5,6). By doubting, we forfeit the peace of God.

Being essentially negative, doubts anticipate failure and defeat. Because they are not beneficial to our Christian walk they must be ‘taken captive’ and made obedient to Christ and submissive to His word (the Bible), being replaced by good thoughts (2 Cor 10:5; Phil 4:8).

Thomas, one of the original disciples has been called 'doubting Thomas' because he did not accept the verbal accounts of the other disciples that Jesus had risen – however later when Jesus connected with Thomas his words were, "My Lord and my God" (Jn 20:24-28). 

Self-doubt disempowers, don’t let it control you, rather you master it. Do the opposite to what self-doubt suggests; push out your borders. Counter negative, destructive, limiting self-doubt with positive faith and confidence. If the positive is greater than the negative, you will be winning the battle. What we believe we can achieve, what we doubt we do without! Confidence in yourself plus preparation will help you have faith. When we experience doubt we must increase our dependence on God in prayer and feeding our faith through reading the Word of God. 

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