<<let down, disenchanted>>

Being human we will all be let down by others throughout our lives; we feel deceived, when we are promised much but little is delivered. Don’t wallow in self-pity, for hurt, confusion, discouragement and despair along with criticism can be the forerunner to depression.

Some believe the Christian life should exempt them from trials, sickness and misfortune. As a result, they get disheartened and cynical, questioning ‘why’ when unexpected troubles arrive (as they surely will), leaving them disenchanted. Do we follow God only for the good things we can receive? Job had a wise perspective, “Shall we receive only pleasant things from God and never anything unpleasant?” (Job 2:10). Growth occurs when our faith is put to the test and we emerge victorious.

Jesus indicated many who start on the Christian pathway fall away, because they were under the illusion ‘coming to Jesus’ would solve all their problems (Mt 13:21). Nowhere does the Bible make such a claim, however we don’t have to walk alone. Jesus promised, “I will be with you always” (Mt 28:20).

Seldom do things work out as expected but God knows best

Be mature in the Lord, obedient and vitally connected by having your faith firmly anchored in the Rock so when the storms of life hit you remain strong in Him (Mt 7:24-27; Heb 6:19). In our humanity we focus on our short-term personal comfort, while God concentrates on our character, that we may be changed into the likeness of Christ (Rom 8:29). Life is not about us – it is all about Him. He is the Master we are His subjects.

When situations don’t materialize the way we hoped they would, and our prayers aren’t answered ‘our’ way, Satan uses these and other reasons, during any crisis of faith, to question our belief in God. Satan targets our vulnerable, weak areas with the intent of our faith failing, our making wrong decisions and consequently not achieving God’s goals for us.

Between any dream and its fulfillment there will be a period of testing. Will we be like Joseph who remained committed to the Lord and did not become disillusioned by the adverse events? Understand that His ways are not our ways, as what appears to be doing us harm actually works for our good so keep your heart tender and He will

Jesus is for us

bring release and the outworking of His purposes (Gen 50:20; Isa 55:8,9; Rom 8:28). It is essential to turn disillusionment into a determination not to give in, but look to Jesus, the victor, and through faith we can be victorious too (Heb 12:2; 1 Jn 5:4). Otherwise, if we let doubts about His love and disillusionment take hold we will become discouraged and be defeated.

See also: assumptions, backslide, broken/brokenness, deception, defeat, depression, discouragement, disappointments, expectations, faith (crisis of), false, give up, lying, not being ministered to, questions, reality, self-pity, test/testing, trials.