Dead Sea

Also called the Salt Sea, it forms part of the border between Israel and Jordan.  Its surface is 422 m (1385ft) below sea level, and is the lowest place on earth.  The lake covers an area of about 810 sq km (310 sq ml) and varies in depth up to 378 m. The Jordan River flows in at its northern shore and no rivers flow out, the level maintained by evaporation.  No life is found in it because of the high salt content (up to 33.7% of its total volume is solid matter,
as compared to seawaters generally that are about 3.5% salt content).

The lesson we can learn is if we just hoard by receiving without giving out we too will be as the Dead Sea, being unable to support life.  God wants us to be channels through which His blessing can flow to touch others; this will keep us sweet, fresh and full of life.  Many things in life dry up because the blessings are accumulated and not shared with others generously in love (Job 12:15; Prov 3:27, 11:24).

Only taking in but not giving out = no life

See also: channel, Jordan River, Sea of Galilee, selfishness.