Sea of Galilee

Situated in NE Israel, this body of water is technically a lake and is Israel’s largest fresh water reservoir. Also called Kinneret or Lake Gennesaret, it is about 21 km long by a maximum of 13 km wide having an area of 166 sq km and is about 212 m below sea level. It is fed from the north by the Jordan River, which also drains out in the south, to the Dead Sea. It’s calm waters can quickly become violent, as winds funnel down from the surrounding hills, especially the Golan Heights to the East, creating storms such as those recorded throughout the gospels (Mk 4:35-37).

Catching fish in the Sea of Galilee was the occupation of five of Jesus’ disciples before they became ‘fishers of men’ (Peter, Andrew, James, John, Philip). While the important events of Jesus life took place in Jerusalem, this area was the location of much of the earthly ministry of Jesus.

See also: Jordan River.