Song of Solomon (SOS)

Book 22 of the OT, containing 8 chapters. Solomon was the author of this Wisdom book (also called the Song of Songs). He probably recorded it early in his reign – about 970 BC. It affirms the sanctity of marriage and tells of the love each partner has for the other, which also reflects God’s overwhelming love for His people. Time to read: 15 mins.

Key people: King Solomon and the Shulamite woman.

Outline. This book is an intimate love dialogue between a Jewish maiden and King Solomon, and tells of their love, courtship and marriage.  It speaks of giving themselves to each other unreservedly with openness and acceptance.  Commitment to each other develops and stabilizes the relationship through difficult times.

Main lesson.  God created us, male and female, and put within us the desires for romance and sexual intimacy. Love is a powerful feeling and should be handled carefully. God ordained sexual intimacy should be reserved exclusively for expression with your marriage partner, inside the sanctity and security of marriage.  A rich and rewarding relationship can then be developed through the  love, commitment, sacrifice and open communication contributed by both parties.

Key verses and thoughts: * “My lover is mine and I am his” (SOS 2:16, 6:3). This infers a close bonding, giving themselves unreservedly to each other in a much closer relationship than to parents or other ‘best friends’ and certainly any casual sexual encounter such as is common today. This belonging and commitment needs to be maintained through the stormy times or trials that all marriages experience at various periods.

* “I am the one he desires” (SOS 7:10). Romance and the unique, winsome factors that brought you together in the first place need to be maintained so neither party needs to look elsewhere for sexual gratification. It is essential that all sexual expression and intimacy is reserved only for your spouse – faithfulness and trust is shattered and can’t be fully restored if this fidelity is broken.

* Numerous references are made about physical attractiveness – the beauty they see in each other.  However, over time and with the effects of age, or maybe accident, the outward appeal fades, and the graceful curves become unsightly bulges! So don’t just admire and compliment your partner on their outward appearance or features but look for and praise them for the inner character qualities which are the real them – such things as gracious personality, moral purity, spiritual commitment, sincerity, integrity and sensitivity to others.

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