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This is knowledge based on facts gained by observation, evidence and research through the systematic study of the natural world. Increasingly science is proving the Bible is true and admitting even “The heavens declare the handiwork of God…So humanity is without excuse” (Ps 19:1; Rom 1:20).

Outstanding advances in various sciences demonstrate the potential of human logic and imagination to discover and do amazing things, yet God always has been and will always be much more intelligent than mankind. A Christian’s belief in science should never be greater than their belief in God – while embracing advancements that confirm the truth, reject putting human knowledge or theory above God.

Our faith in God must remain paramount as salvation is only found in Christ, not science. Those who hold their faith in human reasoning and logic above

Is my faith securely anchored in God?

faith in the Creator will endeavour to find facts to defend that position. The theory of evolution is an example whereby rebellious humanity has invented a way to by-pass the Creator God and so consider they are not accountable to Him. Any interpretation of the evidence or conjecture that attempts to remove God from involvement with the world and its origin is incompatible with true science. “The fool says in their heart, there is no God” exchanging the truth about God for a lie (Ps 53:1; Rom 1:25). However, denying He exists will not prevent anyone standing before Him and being judged (Mt 16:27; Rom 2:6, 14:11,12; Rev 20:11-15). 

Science cannot prove or disprove God or the Bible. Science should be a neutral discipline, coming to an understanding of the truth, in everything from the vastness of the universe to the complexity and replication of DNA (Ps 19:1). God has never been proved wrong and never will be. 

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