Facts can be proved as there is evidence to substantiate the claims – they are not opinions, hopes, myths, feelings or probabilities. Statistics are a specialized type of facts as they are definable and, because they are measurable, they can be accurately used for comparison and to gauge trends.

What we share from the Bible must be complete and correctly explained (Act 17:11, 18:24-26; 2 Tim 2:15). Our experience must line up with the truth of the Bible – instead of trying to make the Bible agree with what has been outworked thus far

   Our faith is based on solid facts, such as the                         birth, death and resurrection of Christ

in our lives.  “You know our testimony is true” (3 Jn 1:12). They had a reputation of integrity, being trustworthy and honest.

Do I pass on specific verifiable facts, or do I share questionable, distorted data that may have originated from an elaborated fabrication, exaggeration, unreliable hearsay or gossip? We should be known as a reliable source of genuine facts, figures, information and beneficial knowledge.

See also: evidence, feelings, gossip, lying, reality, truth.


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