When a person is ready they are equipped to act immediately, without delay. They have thought through the possible scenarios and are organized for most possible eventualities.

Are we constantly ready to meet our Maker – no issues of forgiveness or sin to be repented of? We never know when we will take our last breath or Christ will return (Lk 12:38-40; 1 Thes 5:4). Many people’s lives are terminated without any warning, consequently they have no time to accept Christ as Saviour or put their affairs in order.

We should be ready to give a logical explanation to the hope of our salvation (1 Pet 3:15). While we should be able to confidently and clearly share the gospel, rather than using a 'set formula' we should be reliant on and sensitive to the Holy Spirit to lead us in the approach to take so it is

Be ready for God’s service and beware of                                            the enemy’s attacks

meaningful and effective (Act 17:22,23). As the harvest of people is ready to come into His Kingdom, what is needed are those willing to do the harvesting (Jn 4:35).

Am I prepared and ready to serve, “To do whatever the Lord chooses”? (2 Sam 15:15; 2 Cor 9:2; 1 Pet 5:2). As we co-operate with the Holy Spirit in the cleansing of our lives we will become valuable instruments in God’s Kingdom prepared for any good work (2 Tim 2:21; Tit 3:1). The responsibility is on us choosing to make ourselves ready (Rev 19:7). Paul said, “I am ready for whatever comes, even dying for Christ” (Act 21:13). To a large degree, our readiness to be involved, will show up by what we are already voluntarily doing. If we supply the availability, He will supply the ability.

See also: available, awareness, organisation/organised, preparation, proactive, responsible/responsibility, vigilance, volunteer.


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