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An organisation is a group of people who work together to meet a need, or pursue a common interest through managing and delegating as appropriate with specific responsibilities and authority.  Any such grouping has a vision and goals together with clear procedures and planning to meet their overall objective yet welcoming input from different viewpoints. There should be consensus on the overall objectives even if there is a diversity of methods to reach those goals (1 Cor 1:10). Jesus didn’t do everything Himself but trained, then appointed 12 followers to assist Him (Mk 3:13-19). With different abilities, each Christian within the local church should contribute together in co-operation to accomplish in Christ what would be impossible individually (Act 6:1-4; 1 Cor 12:12-31; Eph 2:21, 4:11-13,16; Tit 1:5). This joint ministry is not to be a cause for pride, rather of loving dedicated service, doing it as unto the Lord (Mt 25:35-45; Col 3:23). These same principles of utilizing our talents should also apply to any wholesome clubs and community groups we are involved with. A healthy organisation welcomes feedback and input from its members.

Being organized reduces confusion and aids efficiency by effectively utilising the resources and abilities in a focused, logical and thought out approach so your plans can succeed so there will not be wasted resources or embarrassment if the project is halted partway, because a foreseeable problem

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was not considered (Prov 15:22; Lk 14:28-32). Plans were put into practice so when the miracle occurred it could be handled in a logical un-chaotic manner (Lk 9:14,15). With our endeavours, detailed clear directions should be prepared in advance and communicated to the people involved, and with a backup plan if the original approach fails to materialise as expected. Putting into place procedures (methods and systems) and holding people accountable besides the welfare of those doing the work are the responsibilities of those in authority.

Church services should be structured and ordered, yet with freedom for the Holy Spirit to sovereignly move without being quenched (1 Cor 14:29-33,40;
Col 2:5).

See also: accountability, advice, co-operation, delegate, effective/efficient, goal, method, orderliness, plans and purposes.