<<future generations>>

It is the parents’ responsibility to make provision for their children and to instruct them in the ways of God, reminding them of His hand upon their lives in past generations (Deut 4:10, 11:19-21; Josh 4:21-24; 2 Cor 12:14).  Paul said, “What I have taught you, pass on to others” (2 Tim 2:2).

God declared that all peoples on earth would be blessed through Abraham; Mary the mother of Christ was a descendant of Abraham; and in heaven, there will be people from all nations, tribes and generations. (Gen 12:3; Rev 5:9).

Future offspring can suffer the consequences of ancestors who did not walk uprightly
(Ex 20:5). What am I passing on to others, both in the natural and spiritual realms?

What will I pass on to others?

See also: children, blessed or cursed, curse, legacy, parents/parenting.