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The popular ‘majority rule’ is not always the best nor does it line up with God’s view as the path to hell is broad and many choose this path, while the road to life is narrow and only a few, in comparison, go this way (Num 13:30-32; Mt 7:13,14). As we are answerable for what we do, it is wise to consider all the viewpoints rather than blindly following the

Don’t mindlessly follow the crowd – think through the options

crowd, being prepared to go against the widely held stance, especially if we believe the proposed action is against a Biblical principle or direct command. If challenged, state your opinion or the facts with a right spirit – not with a judgmental attitude, rather with humility and conviction. Don’t be pressured by numbers. God often uses a small dedicated group to bring about His purposes so the credit for what happens goes to Him not man (Jdg 7:2,7, 8:4). One with God is a majority (1 Sam 14:6-14). Will I be the one?

See also: accountability, conscience, convictions, minority, peer pressure, public opinion.