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Though ‘majority’ rule is often applied in this world, human numbers or resources are not of great significance to God. One plus God is the majority. He uses humble, willing and obedient people, but even then it is not their might or power but by His Spirit and reliance on Him that victories are won
(Ps 33:16; Zech 4:6). The real power is in the spiritual realm.

Always endeavour to be fully committed and on God’s side, regardless of the numbers who are not. Only two of the twelve spies had God’s perspective on the situation and came into their inheritance in the Promised Land; the other ten perished in the wilderness (Num 13:1-15, 14:6,22-39; Deut 1:34,35).

You are not in the minority when God is on your side

Here are more examples of a minority, who because of their loyalty to God, experienced His favour: Noah and his family (Gen 6:9,22, 7:23); a small army
overcoming a large army (Deut 20:1-4); one causing a thousand to flee (Josh 23:10); Gideon thought he was insignificant yet with only 300 men started a battle which resulted in 120,000 enemies being killed (Jdg 7:7,22, 8:10). Be prepared to stand against the crowd, if they are opposed to His way. Don’t let the overwhelming numbers diminish your convictions or allow yourself to be swayed by the majority. The eyes of the Lord see those whose hearts are fully committed to Him, and He strengthens and works through them (2 Chr 16:9; Dan 11:32). God has a remnant or small group that will always remain faithful to Him (Rom 11:1-5). Can I be classed as being faithful to God?

Many are invited to be close to the Lord and be effective for the Kingdom yet few fully accept that challenge (Mt 22:1-14). Where do I stand?

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