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Media and pressure groups can change people’s loyalty and viewpoint much like the crowds who worshipped Jesus when coming into Jerusalem, yet within a week were crying out crucify Him, with Pilate also yielding to public pressure and against his own judgement gave permission for Jesus to be crucified (Mt 21:8-11, 27:19-26).

Consider the viewpoint of others but don’t be pressured into doing what is sinful or to compromise your convictions; be true to your own conscience for we will be held personally responsible for the choices we have made when we stand alone before God to give account of our lives (Rom 14:12). 

  Am I easily swayed by the crowd or do                   I know the facts and hold steady?

Don’t be afraid to present your views and if necessary stand against the majority as did Joshua and Caleb (Num 13:27-30, 14:6-9). Those who stood out from the crowd and influenced the world for the Kingdom of God said, “It is better to obey God rather than man” (Act 5:29).

The media industry should truthfully communicate the facts, not withholding, distorting or even fabricating details to influence the public in a particular way. Frequently a vocal, militant minority stir up the placid majority to take on board their often suspect beliefs. Christians can play a role in being ‘watchdogs’ on behalf of society, as without fail, God's view is not held by the majority of secular humanity.

In countries ruled by dictatorships every effort is made to keep the public in line by allowing only one point of view to be heard. No free play of public opinion is permitted. In a democratic governmental system public policies are to some degree decided upon by the citizens in general who able to make their viewpoints known although increasingly the authorities follow their own set agenda and shown in the totalitarianism measures adopted by most countries in response to the Covid pandemic.

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