<<undeveloped, childishness>>

We are to leave immature ways, and gain understanding and wisdom (Prov 9:6). Be humble and prepared to receive wise instruction from those mature in the faith, as Apollos did – although he was zealous he was lacking a full understanding of the truth (Act 18:24-26). Study and apply the Word of God to your life situations, putting it into practice so you will not be destroyed by the storms of life (Mt 7:24-27).

New converts should not be given leadership positions of authority in churches but instead have serving roles while receiving training and mentoring so they can develop and be securely grounded in their faith without pride causing them to stumble (1 Tim 3:6). Immature people are easily influenced and, because they do not have a good understanding of Scripture, jump to conclusions or swing from

Are there undeveloped areas in my life? 

one extreme to another because they are unstable, not able to distinguish good from evil, right from wrong. God’s desire is the “mere infants in Christ” grow up to become solid mature believers (1 Cor 3:2; Eph 4:12-14; Heb 5:12-6:1). This will involve leaving childish ways behind, becoming mature in the faith through perseverance, receiving instruction and correction where necessary as we step outside our comfort zone (1 Cor 13:11; Col 1:28; Jas 1:4). God sets up situations to grow us in strength and usefulness where we can have input into others. This is not a place of independence from Him though, rather one of increased reliance on Him, resulting in more fruitfulness for His glory (Jn 15:4,5,8). It is a fact of nature that immature plants do not produce fruit.

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