Childish contrasted with Childlike

Being childish is when an older person acts in a selfish way, arguing over petty issues, displaying behaviour inconsistent with what is appropriate for a person of their age. Pride, hurt feelings, emotional instability and not being ministered to are some of the reasons for this juvenile performance. Such immature conduct should not be confused

Which word best describes me – childish or childlike?

with being childlike which is typified by trust, innocence, sincerity and openness with a growing awareness and appreciation of life. This was the attitude
that Jesus said should be displayed by those who came to Him regardless of physical age (Mt 18:3,4).

We should outgrow being childish but always, even as mature believers, continue to have a childlike attitude towards our heavenly Father, one of confidence that He will watch over and provide what is best for us, taking Him at His word without doubting (Eph 4:13,14). The Bible states we are grow up leaving behind the ways and attitudes of childhood yet still be innocent as infants in matters of evil, but mature in spiritual matters (1Cor 13:11, 14:20).

See also: children, immaturity, irresponsible, not being ministered to.